About Us

Who Are We?

Trustart is a firm established in 2019 aiming to help young people reach their entrepreneurial potential by offering uniquely tailored solutions to their ideas at the different life cycle stages of the business. We are a team of young people who have been exposed to the challenges of startups and small businesses in different setups; these challenges lead us to believe that there is a lack of ecosystem support for people with entrepreneurial potential.

Talented people in our region often fail to make their business ideas come to reality for different reasons: 

  • Uncertainty about the business process. 
  • Uncertainty about the legal requirements. 
  • Lack of support from the entourage. 
  • Lack of financial means to get qualified support.

 These obstacles shaped our business philosophy: 

  • Create a business hub where any entrepreneur can seek adequate help.
  • Develop the potential projects' ideas and the talent behind them.
  •  Build a safe environment for entrepreneurs to discuss any issue they face.

Get In Touch

People behind Trustart believe in only sourcing ethically framed solutions, prepared and drafted by our most elite partners, provided to our clients with uniquely tailored compensation plans. 

We specialize in working directly with businesses to create sustainable partnerships. In fact, we recently helped construct a new Fintech solution to the Lebanese market. We support passionate, young and dynamic individuals who dedicate their efforts towards achieving their goal. 

 We're looking forward to assist startups in the region, partnering up with internationally based firms to revive the entrepreneurial potential among the youth in the Middle-East.

 It would be a pleasure to have you over at our office to meet our team and discuss with us your business ideas!

Where to Find Us

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Beirut, Hamra

Justinian Street, 

Justinian Building Block B,

9th floor.

+961 1 752 071